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17 October 2010 @ 12:58 am

*Incoherent because I literalyl just returned

I don't know how to tell you what I feel, because I'm beyond happy, this is a dream come true and it feels like I watched it happen to someone else rather than lived through it.

I was literally in the third row from the front and I could see them so damn clearly. Our boys were flawless. When they first came out, I couldn't believe it. Pictures really do these fine men no justice at all. Jaejoong's skin looked glowy and soft and just so perfect. Yoochun looked really handsome, his forehead isn't that big in real life, in fact it looks really...masculine? Junsu's biceps stole the show from the rest of him, he was dressed in some apron-like white top and the girl next to me literally grabbed me and screamed "WHAT IS HE WEARINGG?!?!?!?!?" but it was all good, more guns for me to ogle.

One thing that really struck me about Jaejoong - That man knows he's sexy. HE KNOWS IT. He kept teasing the crowd, bending lower, pulling at the lapels of his blazer to reveal more skin, and then SMIRKING when the crowd dissolves into a frenzy. Keep playing Jaejoong, you damn tease. I tried to give the other two equal attention but my eyes refused to move from Jaebaby.
Anyways, Yoochun was in a FANTASTIC MOOD. It seems that his good mood from the airport(he looked amused and was grinning there) carried on to the showcase. Boy kept joshing with the crowd and laughing and teasing.
The boys performed Empty and Be The One and then came on from introductions. I have to say this, THE HOST REALLY RUINED THE WHOLE THING. I WANTED TO SOCK HIM. Not only did he get Yoochun's name wrong, HE KEPT INTERRUPTING THE BOYS, ESPECIALLY POOR JAEJOONG, who already seemed really shy that night! His jokes were AWFUL, they were so bad that Yoochun LOOKED AT HIM and gave him his epic "BITCH, U PLAYIN?" Face. You know the one.

Junsu did his introductions as per normal(and the korean translator TRANSLATED IT) which brought on the LOLz and the boys were suitably amused. (The translator didn't seem like a native speaker, his translations were...not so good. At one point of time, Yoochun even jokingly said "What kind of translation is that?" He was so bad that I think Chunnie would have done a better job. Yeah, I said it.) AND JAEJOONG, OH JAEJOONG. He tried to introduce himself in english. "HELLO I AM...JAEJUU?" GOSH. CUTDHUEGHUSBDJHSVDK
Yoochun did his usual, Hi Im Micky routine(DAMN GIRL)

The usual questions were asked including 'What is your ideal type' and Jaejoong gave his usual, Pretty hands, no other requirement except that she has to love me, AND JUNSU, said something which couldnt be heard so he whispered it to the translator and it turns out Junsu said "LIARRR" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
And Chun was a master pimp as usual, he said the girls in SG were "WOW' -_-. LIES.

At one point we were asked by the host to greet the boys in korean and say saranghaeyo. Jaejoong looked VERY impressed.(HAHAHAH, its not that hard bb). We were also asked to sing Ayy Girl which was a FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. It's just so hard to sing that song. Junsu said it was "Very good" but Yoochun went "They weren't singing. They were rapping!"

Then they sang Chajatta(btw, Yoochun looked very happy that his drama was known and loved here) and they sounded AMAZING. It's no lie what you've heard about their vocal ability.
Then Ayy girl, Chunnie rapped over the end bits of the Kanye rap in the middle and it sounded SO MUCH BETTER. And then Empty was performed again and Yoochun said something about coming back next year for a concert?(maybe) and someone said sorry for it being so short, but I can't for the life remember who.

Jaejoong was pretty quiet throughout the showcase, probably cause the host KEPT INTERRUPTING HIM and asking the other two questions first. But he looked amazing and enjoyed lifting up his damn leather jacket(which he was wearing later) up and teasing the fans with his sexy. *DEAD*


Anyways, the phototaking session was cancelled BUT SCREW THAT. I got to shake all their hands!!! And I have to say, these boys are the most sincere boys ever. They literally looked EVERY one of the 100 in the eye and said thank you individually. I don't remember much because I was mostly stunned except that they were GORGEOUS. And I doubt they were lying about their height, THEY TOWERED OVER ME. (And I'm average asian girl height, 162cm). Junsu was clearly the shortest though. Their hands were so warm and big and I just wanted to die. I wasn't functioning enough to say ANYTHING proper, except thank you, though I did manage to slip in a kongan haseyo to Su. Jaejoong...sigh.

I have met perfection, my life will never be the same. Will add pictures when I get around to it, not much cause security WAS INSANE.

Oh and my phone killed itself during the showcase. The screen is in a condition I can only describe as....fucked. I don't how, it was in my bag on MY CHAIR the whole time. I blame Jaejoong, my phone couldnt handle the level of insurmountable hotness and died.

Ps. I don't remember where this happened but at one point, Yoochun shouted "ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH YEAH". I'll leave you to your own thoughts on this

04 October 2010 @ 08:48 pm

I could cry right now, really I could.

All this queasiness and feeling of terror that's been sitting in my stomach since it was annouced that the boys were heading down for a showcase. 60 VIP tickets for local fans, ONLY. BUT WHATEVER, all that's over cause







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29 October 2008 @ 06:44 pm

Why do I do this to myself? Tomorrow is my Chinese A level exams and I'm here at the computer - not studying. This is a terrible nightmare and even though I know its my fault I wish I had something else to blame. I know I keep saying that it doesn't matter, that I've always been bad at it, that I have everything else to pull my grades up, but honestly I wish I didn't have to count on everything else.

I am so unprepared it terrifies me. Its taken some miracle work to get my biology from a U to a B in about 2 months, but thats hardly the point is it. It only matters when it counts, which would be Next Week.

I hate everything, I hate school.
Wish me luck for tomorrow(and friday, and next wednesday and the 20th) I hope I don't ruin my life.

23 June 2008 @ 04:04 pm
I don't think I'll be using my LJ much since the only thing I use it for is...shopping. But I guess its nice to finally just stick to one lj account, rather than juggle 3.
But I suppose this could come in useful since my blog gets a little crowded from time to time.

The chinese language paper was a complete nightmare. I have to go watch Edward Scissorhands cram for economics and English Lit now.
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